About Matilda Soap

Matilda Soap -When Natural matters.

This is soap making at its best.  At Matilda Soap we only use the best raw materials to make the best product.  We use Olive oil so the soap will be mild and Coconut oil to give the soap full lathering.  We use mica and oxides to colour our soaps and a combination of essential and fragrance oils to scent the soaps.  Each  batch is carefully crafted  from the raw material to the finished product and each product at Matilda Soap is individually wrapped.  We can offer soaps, liquid soaps, bath bombs, balms and we are working on new products all the time.  We offer a range of soap making supplies for the enthusiast soap maker…..so Don’t forget to visit us on a regular basis to see what new products we have introduced.

The Matilda team – When Natural Matters