Bathbombs & Colour

Bathbombs and Colour

So you decided to try a bath bomb and it was delicious and amazing in colour but when you emptied the bath you had a colour ring and your white towel had colour..Its that ole “Lush Bathbombs” story all over again.

Yes Matilda Soap isn’t the only store leaving rings around the bath, any bath bomb containing mica instead of food colouring will leave a ring around at the bath and some colour on your white towels..

Matilda Bathbombs use mica powder in the bath bombs…This is a cosmetic grade colour designed for bathbombs and soaping… This of course can leave a ring around the bath and is the trade off for having a wonderful fizzy bath bomb experience..

Simple solution – you  can use a Mr Clean magic eraser to remove the ring…so what is that you ask and where would I get one…. it is a white square sponge used for cleaning and is available from the Megastore and many other stores I am sure….Also try not to use your good white towels for this experience as the colour will wash out but it can look messy…

So happy bathbombing and don’t forget to remove the ring when you are finished….nobody likes a bath ring of any description left around the bath be it luxurious oil, bath bomb colour or hairs from shaving……

Leave your tips for removing the bath rings here…..we all appreciate the quick fixes…..


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