How do I remove the Bathbomb colour ring from my bath?

Use a Mr Clean magic Eraser (you can purchase this little white square from the Megastore). I used Bam Bathroom cleaner and that also worked.


Is it ok to use the soap on my child?

The soaps are made from olive oil and coconut oil and this creates a castille soap.. A castille soap is mild and gentle on the skin.


What is Kawakawa?

Kawakawa is also known as the New Zealand Pepper tree.  Maori used it in rongoa and tell of the special abilities kawa kawa has for the skin and other afflictions..Scientists studied Kawakawa and confirmed the abilities this plant has for soothing skin irriations and other afflictions.  To read more about kawakawa visit this site  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macropiper_excelsum